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Courtesy Escorts to Banks

Businesses in the Batesville area are encouraged to call and request a police escort when making night deposits at local banks. Once the request is received, an officer in a marked patrol car will travel to the business and follow the employee’s vehicle to a nearby bank where the money collected that day can be deposited safely.

A Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Batesville Police Department website. The City of Batesville, Mississippi is home to almost 8,000 residents. The Batesville Police Department is a team of 44 sworn officers and 10 civilian employees who are dedicated to providing professional service as well as protection to our city. The success of the Batesville Police Department is due to both the strong commitment of our employees and to the support we receive from the entire community. We value the trust placed in us by the people that we serve and we are diligent in our efforts to uphold that trust. We continue to strive to identify new and innovative ways to address crime and quality of life concerns in Batesville. Read More

Elderly Call-In Program

This program has been set up so that the elderly people of Batesville can call in each morning. Should an elderly person fail to call in, a Batesville Police Department Dispatcher will attempt to contact them and, should this fail, a Batesville Police Officer will go to their home to check on them.

Vacation Checks

When you go on vacation or are away from your home for other reasons, a Batesville Police Officer will check your house several times a day while you and your family are absent. Should there be a problem, the Batesville Police Department will contact you or a person of your choosing.

Special Operations

Photo with police badge along with confiscated drug paraphernalia

Photo with police badge along with confiscated drug paraphernaliaThe primary function of the Special Operations Division of the Batesville Police Department is to vigorously investigate and prosecute drug traffickers within the City. The officers assigned to this division are also available to provide extra manpower when needed and to serve warrants.

Crime Prevention

Four resource officers standing in front of D.A.R.E vehicleThe Crime Prevention Division of the Batesville Police Department is comprised of several nationally recognized programs including D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and Panola County Triad. Also included in this division are School Resource Officers who serve the students and teachers inside the schools of the Batesville area.


Pictured left to right:

School Resource Officer Jarvis Smith
School Resource Officer Adam Campbell
School Resource Sgt. Shenika Hudson
School Resource Lt. Denver Donahou

Animal Control

The Animal Control Division of the Batesville Police Department is responsible for working with our citizens to help control dangerous, homeless, or abandoned animals. This includes the containment and care of any captured animals. Animal Control Officers also work closely with other organizations that are concerned with the welfare of these animals.

The Batesville Police Department is proud to work closely with the Panola County Humane Society (PCHS) to try to find good homes for homeless or abandoned animals. PCHS is a group of volunteers and they are always looking for foster homes to temporarily house animals waiting to be adopted. PCHS can be contacted at (662) 654-0926. Anyone interested in adopting a pet from PCHS can do so by going to


Three police officers with their K9 partners

The Batesville Police Department K-9 Division works with patrol shifts and assists in the normal day-to-day patrol operations. K-9’s assist in tracking suspects, evidence recovery, building searches, lost persons, vehicle sniffs for the presence of narcotics, and handler/officer protection.