Businesses in the Batesville area are encouraged to call and request a police escort when making night deposits at local banks. Once the request is received, an officer in a marked patrol car will travel to the business and follow the employee’s vehicle to a nearby bank where the money collected that day can be deposited safely.

This program has been set up so that the elderly people of Batesville can call in each morning. Should an elderly person fail to call in, a Batesville Police Department Dispatcher will attempt to contact them and, should this fail, a Batesville Police Officer will go to their home to check on them.

While in Batesville, should you lock your keys inside your vehicle, the Batesville Police Department will come to your location and unlock your vehicle for you free of charge.

When you go on vacation or are away from your home for other reasons, a Batesville Police Officer will check your house several times a day while you and your family are absent. Should there be a problem, the Batesville Police Department will contact you or a person of your choosing.