Officer Greg Jones and K-9 Azzy

The Batesville Police Department K-9 Division works with patrol shifts and assists in the normal day-to-day patrol operations. K-9’s assist in tracking suspects, evidence recovery, building searches, lost persons, vehicle sniffs for the presence of narcotics, and handler/officer protection.

Pictured: BPD Officer Greg Jones and K-9 Azzy

Seated is Carolyn Andrews, Dispatcher, and standing is Sadie Willey, Communications Supervisor

The Communications Division, often referred to as Dispatch, not only handles all radio traffic and all phone calls for the Batesville Police Department, but also dispatches for 1 full time fire department. Each dispatcher is a certified E-911 operator and NCIC operator.

Seated is Carolyn Andrews, Dispatcher, and standing is Sadie Willey, Communications Supervisor

The Detective Division of the Batesville Police Department is responsible for conducting all criminal investigations within the city limits of Batesville, the processing of crime scenes, and the collection and preservation of evidence for criminal prosecution. The detectives are required to testify in court and give accurate, detailed testimony relative to the results of criminal investigations. They must interview witnesses and interrogate suspects, prepare formal statements and arrest persons suspected of committing crimes based on probable cause or by warrant.

Pictured: Detective Justin Maples, Detective Sgt. Jeremiah Brown, Detective Capt. George Williford, and Detective Secretary Tracy Hopper.

Often called the “backbone” of the Batesville Police Department, the Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed patrol officers who are responsible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week patrol of the city. In addition to being a first responder to all criminal calls and traffic accidents, the members of the Patrol Division also face a variety of calls that include enforcing all city, state, and federal laws and crime prevention. The Patrol Division is dedicated to the protection of the safety and security of the City’s citizens and visitors.

Pictured from left to right:

Mark Mills, Patrol Officer
Matt McCool, Patrol Officer
Adam Campbell, Patrol Officer
Rickie Terrell, Patrol Sergeant
Billy Sossaman, Patrol Lieutenant